The Coalition meets every third Friday of the month at 8:30 AM at the Community Foundation.

August 2016: Literacy Coalition of Herkimer and Oneida Counties adopts New Structure
The Literacy Coalition of Herkimer and Oneida Counties has recently adopted a new structure. The purpose was to better focus our activities under three core Action Teams:

  • Early Childhood – Birth to Age 8
  • Youth – Age 8 through High School
  • Adult – Individuals now out of High School

Each grouping presents different challenges to achieving better literacy skills. Improving individual goal attainment at each level is our quest.
There are also four Support Teams:

  • Communications
  • Resource Development
  • Performance Measurement
  • Finance

For more information, and to see how you might participate, contact us at http://litpower.org/contact-us/

Our Vision is more than just reading.  It’s  a commitment to help all individuals read, write, speak English, compute and solve problems at a level that allows them to succeed at work and participate in our community.

Today, we need to think beyond the basics.  We have to prepare people to navigate the complex world of health care, financial services and digital living.

Adult Literacy:
Adults are able to manage their finances.
Adults have the skills to progress in their career path.

Early Childhood/Family Literacy:
Children are ready for kindergarten.
Parents are ready to support children’s learning.
Schools are ready for all children.

Youth Literacy:
Youth are ready for careers and college.